The beauty of female ice hockey player closed on the ice pitch, sexy in real life

Mikayla Demaiter is well-recognized as the sexiest goalkeeper on ice hockey.
For those days, ice hockey has become one of the most popular sports in Canada, with the number of fans surpasses that one of football. And Mikayla Demaiter has been of no exception, she has been fond of ice hockey since she was knee-high to a grasshopper and has nurtured the dream of becoming a professional ice hockey player. This dream of Demaiter finally came true when she was recruited by the Bluewater Hawks Club as a goalkeeper for ice hockey plays.

This gorgeous 19-year-old Canadian ice hockey player is now competing for the Bluewater Hawks ice hockey team at the Provincial Women’s Hockey League at the goalkeeper position. Because of the peculiarity and danger of this sport, each Mikayla Demaiter appears to wear a closed protective suit every time they are taking part in plays. However, this female goalkeeper still stands out with her blonde hair and charming face.
The gorgeous beauty of the ice hockey field during competitions looks like being ’swallowed‘ by the giant protective competing clothes.

However, on her personal page, Mikayla Demaiter made most of ice hockey fans become crazy about her on-flame body.
Taking off her baggy, closed competition outfit, the 19-year-old beauty confidently showed off her on-fire boots and small tiny waist.
The personal page of this gorgeous ice hockey player attracts 125,000 followers. Mikayla Demaiter often posts photos showing flawless body in the gym, pool, or beach.
Not only being outstanding with her endowed talent in terms of the ice hockey field, but Mikayla Demaiter is also a student at the University of Western Ontario.
With a charming appearance, this young and beautiful girl has been received many praising and love confessing comments on her personal account.