Sabres star Jack Eichel revealed his frustration to the continuous failures of his team during recent matches

Under a bad situation when the Buffalo Sabres’ team have been suffering from numerous failures and losts during recent playoffs, the team captain Jack Eichel revealed his frustration to his team in the most transparent way. 

Eichel, who is an ice hockey player at the age of 28, has not had the chance to play the playoffs in each of his five NHL seasons, since the very first year when he took part in the professional ice hockey as a rookie player from 2015 to 2016. The long series of failures continues taking place despite the fact that the whole team had been applied a lot of new strategies and underwent remarkable improvement. To Eichel, he finished this season with 78 points (career-high 36 goals, 42 assists) during just only 68 games.

In a conference call with reporters in the recent Wednesday, he revealed his true feelings about all the bad experiences that he had to overcome with his team, that he feels unpleasant his the team’s achievement during these days. 

Eichel said to the reporters: „Listen, I’m fed up with losing and I’m fed up and I’m frustrated.” „These failures we had to face with are definitely not several easy pills to swallow right now. It’s been a tough couple of months, and it’s been a tough period lasting for five years with where things have went.“

The Sabres used to think that Eichel would help them to bring back their fortunes and gain victories again when they selected him second overall in the 2015 NHL Draft. The playoffs drought of this team last longer than anyone’s expectation, hence, this bad luck now started to make bad impact on Eichel.

„I’m an professional ice hockey player as well as an ambitious competitor,“ Eichel said. „I want to win every time I go out on the ice!”