Runoff – top favorite films featuring ice hockey of players (Part 02)

Ice hockey is a type of sport originating from hockey. This is also a popular sport which a lot of people from different are fond of and is played in many large-scale tournaments.

This film was produced by the director Kim Jong Huyn, who featured a winter sports championship. The film has Dae Woong as the main character. He is an ice hockey player but always on the bench throughout the whole competing period of the national team. It has been likely that he had to give up his dream, then there is a sudden pleasure happening to him. The thought of having to quench his dream by himself has an unexpected joy. He was called for to be the coach of the national women’s hockey team. From here, Dae Woong’s life has changed a lot.

Becoming a coach has helped Dae Woong to reveal his inherent talents. He plays an important role as the one who helps to create the bond between his team members and an extremely strict trainer with the members. His women’s national team, from the one gaining no reputation in ice hockey field has won spectacularly at the tournament.

The name Dae Woong is resounded with a lot of pride and pride as the one who has played an important rule in helping the team win. Although he had to sit on the bench before and was not trusted, with the endowed talent, he proved it to everyone. Although he did not play directly on the pitch, his students did it for him.