Some countries such as Canada or other European nations officially chose ice hockey to be the winter sport of their nations. Some ice hockey tournaments in South America such as National Football League (NHL), Canadian Women’s Hockey League (CWHL)… are becoming more and more viral nowadays, which have attracted tens of thousands spectators rushing to the ice pitch and hundreds of thousands watchers through TV streaming. It is obvious that ice hockey is as attracting as football – the ”king” sport.

Hard, not eye-catching but still appealing 

Most of ice hockey players share the same viewpoint which is “the skidding skills on ice can take up 50% of success. Moving on such a special type of shoes (which bears the striking similarity as the patin ones, however, without the wheels on shoes soles, instead, being replaced by a slice of metal). This requires players to have such a good level of balance. To upgrade the skidding skill to such a special level, players need to undergo such a long time of observing, practicing and executing with really strong will.

In general, ice hockey does not really create such a visual thought for many spectators. A punch of players trying to scramble a small plate, a lot of collision on the pitch which sometimes really put people on nerves. 

However, it is totally normal that each sport would require certain special skills in different fields. For example, football requires players the flexibility of legs while basketball or ping pong require players some special skills from hands… To ice hockey, players need to use all parts of body and know how to have such an effective coordination between them. “Ice hockey requires players to have such a flexible couple of legs to make movements, skillful hands for competing and gaining points.”