There have been many puzzles about when and how can 2020 NFL playoffs take place when the situation of Covid-19 is getting harder and harder day by day in America.

If this year season still stands a chance of coming back, no one can figure out what exactly it look like? There is a plan being popped up that the tournament will take place in 4 different cities and teams will be seperated for competitions to restrain the hotbed of virus spreading. Therefore, the season can be completed in a centralized way. The NHL league is known to execute their researches for opting for potential cities.

To be more specific, TSN’s  Marc Spector reported that their plan suggested that each city being chosen will host 6 teams, therefore, there will be 4 different cities being chosen for 24 teams in total. The host city must be qualified to offer accommodations for around 600 to 1,000 people (players from each team, staff from each team, arena staff, league officials, broadcasters, etc.). These cities also need to provide enough practice fields for these teams to practice the matches beforehands and skates.

Obviously, the plan for finishing this year season is still on its way of  being executed and need involved and be tested by real players as well as other personnel. If all can meet the demands, the plan will be actually carried out and available to the entire general public. Moreover, if this plan is approved, the local governments and health officials would have to follow and support this alternative one.

On the other hand, NHL’s traditional competing format was a best-of-seven series, thus, this plan will be restricted for all teams as they need to move from places to places many times for taking part in matches.