At the age of 19, Barbara Ann Scott firstly gained her title in the professional skating career with the Olympic gold medal in the field of figure skating. It was in the St Moritz games which take place in 1948 that Ann Scott’s skating took off and she has become the idol and sweetheart of the whole nation. Throughout this gold period of Barbara, girls in Canada grew up and mostly played Barbara Scott dolls. Most of women idolized and imitated her fashion style. Not only that, most of skaters at that time were inspired by the “Barbara figure” and driven to practice by her huge success. During a long period, Scott was still the one and only Canadian who made it come true to bring home the individual gold medal. Thanks to her devote, the whole nation of Canada was get out of these gloomy day of skating. 

Scott succeeded to become the leader of this sports and also the legendary skating. She was considered and highly-appraised to be the heart of the whole nation, especially when it comes to Canada, it has always been ice skating which is the most important sports in the whole nation. Scott gained not only the first gold medal for Canada but for the whole non-European countries, which had hardly gained any important titles in the international tournaments before the victory of Scott. 

When it comes to others’ victories, it may be the factor of luck to be the winners, however, to Scott, victory is inevitable. She was the reigning world and European champion. „I like everything to be neat, tidy, symmetrical,“ she said modestly during an interview. However Button who was the worldwide renowned skater, said enthusiastic. „She was delicate, precise, exact, meticulous – simply perfect.“